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We aren’t the record label that wants two-thirds of every dime you have.
We are the digital marketing team that indie and major musicians dream of.

Connecting brands and ideas

Sharp As A Razor

Our client list includes major labels such as Def Jam, Konvict, RCA, Capitol, etc. We have 10+ years of experience our team has the essential tools to turn your marketing budget into a growing fan-base. We are now working with Indie artists because we feel the music industry shifting. You are creating your movement from the ground up and we would feel honored to be a part of your success. We are sharp, we are focused, & your goals become our goals when you sign up with RAZR.

What It Really Takes – The Ugly Truth

Helping new artists gain fans has been our specialty since 2011. In today’s music industry we have to adapt on a monthly basis because it changes at a very rapid pace. Back in 2011, we were able to place musicians on the top blogs and radio stations and the fans would gravitate to their music easily. In 2018 you’ll be lucky if you gain 50 plays on your music after being posted on all of the top media outlets. These “Promotion” and “PR” companies will take your budget for placements but what do you really gain? Is a blog post or one radio rotation enough to bring success to your music career? The answer is NO. When you decide to work with RAZR, you will gain real feedback from active social media users RELEVANT to your genre. We even provide an email list so you can keep fans updated even when your campaign is over. It’s time to gain tangible fans that you can keep in contact with rather than pay for useless “promotion”.

What we do

Every campaign is crafted for optimal reach. We utilize your budget in social media advertising & guerilla marketing to bring more attention to your music. Due to the fact that we utilize social media, we can work with ALL genres! 

Artists We’ve Worked With:
  • Lil Uzi Vert
  • 2NEI
  • Logic
  • Bobby Shmurda
  • P!nk
Our Specialties
  • Fan Engagement
  • Radio Campaigns
  • Blog Placements
  • Brand Awareness
  • Reputation Management
Labels We’ve Worked With:
  • Capitol Records
  • Konvict Music
  • G.O.O.D. Music
  • Def Jam Records
  • Universal Music
Our Work Featured On
  • Spotify RapCaviar
  • Complex Magazine
  • Youtube Trending
  • Soundcloud Trending
  • Rolling Stone
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How It Works

Direct to fan marketing is the future of the music industry. 

We promote the top music streaming networks ONLY. Your single must be on either Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube to apply for our promotional network. These platforms are where 98.6% of songs go viral. Our goal is to get your organically viral within 30 days. 

Tangible Fans

Our service is oriented towards helping artists gain fans. You will receive emails, targeted demographics, and interaction with real people during your campaign. You don’t have to worry about your music getting missed by the masses! 

Weekly Reporting

You’ll be able to track where your interaction is coming from easily with these integrated platforms. We will keep you updated on a daily basis with the amount of interaction your gaining. You can focus more on the music while we bring in the engagement! 

Guaranteed Results

You probably paid for blog posts and radio play (please don’t do that anymore…). You might have even paid for youtube views and SoundCloud plays (Oh NO!). We’re going to bring you real interaction from interested fans ONLY. You’re not paying to play for fake or uninterested engagement with RAZR.


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