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What It Really Takes – The Ugly Truth

Helping new artists gain fans has been our specialty since 2011. In today’s music industry we have to adapt on a monthly basis because it changes at a very rapid pace. Back in 2011, we were able to place musicians on the top blogs and radio stations and the fans would gravitate to their music easily. In 2018 you’ll be lucky if you gain 50 plays on your music after being posted on all of the top media outlets. These “Promotion” and “PR” companies will take your budget for placements but what do you really gain? Is a blog post or one radio rotation enough to bring success to your music career? The answer is NO. When you decide to work with RAZR, you will gain real feedback from active social media users RELEVANT to your genre. We even provide an email list so you can keep fans updated even when your campaign is over. It’s time to gain tangible fans that you can keep in contact with rather than pay for useless “promotion”.


Spotify Promotion

Targeted listener campaigns that include playlist pitching & placements.

Youtube Promotion

We utilize targeted advertising to bring you viewers and engagement.

Soundcloud Promotion

Our campaigns will bring you quality engagement from relevant listeners only.

Mixing & Mastering

Industry quality mixing & mastering. Radio ready & perfect for streaming.

 Instagram Growth

Over 300+ successful Instagram campaigns. Grow your social brand organically.

Graphic Design

 Stunning print ready graphics. Customized to fit your brand perfectly


"RAZR helped me grow my brand to a level I couldn't imagine when I first started."


"The playlist placements I received were essential to my success. "