Our Origin

Musicians who want to take their careers to the next level struggle the hardest. On the road to building a better future you are most likely going to have to be your own manager, booking agent, PR agent, investor, etc. The music is the reason why you do what's necessary but the business can become very cumbersome and it only gets harder. We aren't the record label that wants two thirds of every dime you have - we are the marketing team that indie and major musicians dream of. A razor is sharp: it is the epitome of precision. When our team designs marketing campaigns we are sharp, we are focused, and the artists dream becomes our goal to achieve. We help you focus more on what matters the most: the music. We separate ourselves from the pack of promotion companies by focusing on the fans. Every action we take is set towards attracting new fans; quality fans that are willing to support and spend money on your brand. The same way you found our company the fans will find your music.