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  • Hello I’m Kara Santoro, a music artist singer songwriter I have an album out called “Party In Jersey” it’s on iTunes Spotify and more. I have a few hit songs but I’m not sure if any of the music is selling and I was hoping it would I have gotten to reach out to some labels producers and they have gotten back to me and like my stuff however I’m trying to find a manager and agent. If you have any questions or regards of helping me that would mean a lot. I’m also on all social media as well. Thank you , love Kara ❤️

    Kara Santoro
  • Thank You So Much, I love your message,
    I would love to know more
    I am an indie artist. And sometimes i feel like im not getting noticed enough, and on the number 1 factor you mentioned. Envy.
    Well i always celebrate peoples successes and promote their releases, but i dont seem to get that in return. Well. Im still doing my thing and i hipe one day it will pay off.
    All the best.

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  • Awesome Stuff! Looking forward to more

    James Merritt

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