Musician Success For The Year 2019 - What Every Musician Must Know About The Music Industry

Its 2019 and we're in a technology-driven era. There's no getting around it and the world we live in is only going to grow more dependent upon technology. For us musicians, this is a blessing in disguise. We now have more artistic control over our music and greater potential to achieve our musical dreams than ever because of this.

Because the world of music has become so technology driven, any musician trying to doing anything with their music, no matter how big or small, must do three things. It doesn't matter if you're just trying to play a few shows around town, share your music with local fans, or if you want to make a living by playing music, or even if you're aiming bigger, to get national recognition and a recording contract. To do any of these things, the three things you must have for yourself is:

1) a quality recording of your music; 
2) some sort of presence on the internet;

3) and a way to easily sell and transmit your music to your fans.

You may already realize this, and you might even be doing some or all of these things already, but 95% of musicians out there aren't aware of some important information about the current state of musical technology that will make doing all of these things easier, cheaper and more effective than ever.

What every musician needs to realize is that it has become extremely easy and far cheaper to make your own, high-quality recordings than ever before. Technology has made it possible for any bedroom musician to have affordable recording tools that can achieve results as good as most top-notch studios. What musicians also need to be aware of is the flood of opportunities on the internet for building a fan base and distributing their music worldwide.

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  • Great article indeed. As mentioned it is much easier to distribute music to fans. Back in the day musicians were faced with struggles of getting air played on radios and those who couldn’t “buy” their way into the playlist were doomed. Now the tables have turned, radios will start hunting for great music to play , which was not so before. Tech is king.


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