Sell Beats Online - How to Grind On And Offline As A Music Producer

One thing I never understood was why there is a separation between grinding "offline" and "online". To me it's all grinding towards to same goal. In fact you can use local promotion methods to increase your online production business.

Up and coming artist need beats. Period. So you can find local artist who need beats and give them your website. That way you don't have to waste time trying to set up listening sessions and what not. They can go online and view your portfolio of beats and purchase if they choose to.

This also gets rid of the BUM artist who are looking to use you for free beats. I really do hate those type of people. I'm going to go on a quick rant.

Why do artist that are not even willing to invest in beats, think anybody is going to take them serious enough to invest THEIR money in them. Lets not forget a record label is an investment company. I suggest getting the hell away from these artist immediately. You will only be wasting your time, and beats with these artist.

When you whip out a card or flyer with your website on it, they see you are serious about your business. Let it be known if they want beats they are going to have to pay for them.

Don't waste time on bums.

OK the rant is over.

So hopefully you realize that you could be missing money by not going local. Pass out flyers at freestyle battles, hip hop events, and anywhere you know artist are going to congregate at.

Have some business cards printed up with your website on them.

If you truly want to pursue a career in the music production field then you need to get off your @$$ and grind. Don't be afraid to let every artist know about your production website.

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