Spotify Promotion

Spotify Promotion

Targeted Results

If your fanbase hasnt grown on spotify this year let us help you reach thousands of authentic listeners. You will gain playlist placements , targeted streams , & monthly listeners from our promotions.


All engagement you recieve will be relvant to your music. We indentify the market that will repsond to your music with the most positive output.  


Our promotion for every platform is organic. You don't have to worry about bans or suspensions while working with us. We provide the most secure service everytime.


Our support team will relentlessly fix any issues you may have during your campaign. We are availible 24/7 to make sure everything goes smooth the first time around!

Austin Mahone


"I never made music for money;This is something that I love to do on a daily basis. RAZR has helped me monetize my passion with their promotions. They have been apart of my team for years and I am grateful for their help!"

Start your trial package for $299

Trial Includes: 25,000+ Streams , 200 + Monthly Listeners , 2 Playlist Placements



  • 50,000+ Spotify Streams

  • 500+ Monthly Listeners

  • 4 Playlist Placements(will vary by genre)

  • 5 Blog Posts
  • Social Media Advertising
  • 5,000 Radio Submissions
  • Written/Radio interviews (Optional)



  • 100,000+ Spotify Streams

  • 2000+ Monthly Listeners

  • 8 Playlist Placements(will vary by genre)

  • 10 Blog Posts

  • Social Media Advertising
  • 15,000 Radio Submissions
  • Written/Radio interviews (Optional)



  • 300,000+ Spotify Streams

  • 5000+ Monthly Listeners

  • 16 Playlist Placements(will vary by genre)

  • 20 Blog Posts

  • Social Media Advertising
  • 50,000 Radio Submissions
  • Written/Radio interviews (Optional)