Our radio editing service will get rid of any explicit words on your singles. Our engineers have over 10+ years experience and they will provide up to 5 revisions of your song!  We will edit out all cuss words, profanity, & any words/lines of your choice. If you’re an artist looking to submit clean versions of your songs to FM & College radio stations or other outlets this service will work for you.


Once your single is radio ready check out our radio promotion packages.


We use the following techniques when we edit your single:

  • Muting – the entire track is silenced where the selected word occurs
  • Reversed – popularized in early 90’s hip-hop, the entire track is reversed where the selected word occurs
  • Sound Effect or  – Edit is replaced by cartoon sound effects (slide whistle, cuckoo clock, etc.)

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Once payment is received we will contact you within the hour. For Payments received after 9 pm, we will contact you the next business day. We will send you our email for sending the single after payment.